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Kindle Vella

​​Eliana Chance worked for years for the opportunity of making Partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in the city. She deserves it; she’s the best. But what happens when an unexpected accident derails her goals? Will she take the second chance at life?


Danielle Phelps has worked as a trauma doctor for many years – the hospital a home away from home, her patients her family. That is until a new doctor comes on the scene.

James Duncan is a man running away from the past without any regard for the future until he runs across Dr. Danielle Phelps. Now the two must find common ground among the undeniable attraction.

Sienna Edwards, a trained Hetaria, thought she’d had it all in hand; following in her father’s footsteps. Yet, the highly-trained shape-shifter could not be prepared for the vampire that was destined to cross her path. Nicolaus had been around for countless centuries, but his encounter with Sienna could only be described as one of a kind. Now, can the two rely on one another to make it through the demon infestation?

Game of Truth